TEMPORARY. ART. PLATFORM (TAP) is an international curatorial platform that was founded in 2014 to commission projects, residencies and site-specific artworks concerned by social practices and public spaces in Lebanon and abroad. TAP's structure of this curatorial platform and its organic, non-regular programming, gives way to a deeper engagement with the context in which the platform unfolds and a focus on knowledge production and community impact.

TAP is also concerned with legal and artistic research that stimulate more proactive attitudes towards curating art projects outside of the art world in collaboration with private and public partners.

Since its very beginnings, TAP has focused its efforts on facilitating art interventions in physical and intangible public spaces; fostering debates around social themes, and positioning communities at the core of the reception of contemporary art, while providing artists with unique production and creation opportunities.

TAP is an international platform based in Beirut, Lebanon. It is registered as a non-profit association under Lebanese law (3704).

Artist's Residencies

Public Art Commissions