Shaikha Al Mazrou
Stand here, 2014

Public Sculpture
Location: Dubai, Al Jalila Cultural Center for Children

In an increasingly immaterial and digitised age, Shaikha Al Mazrou’s work utilises the formal aspects of minimalism to engage with a current fascination with materiality in art. Based on simple gestures, her works call attention to the physical representation of tension, weight and physical space. Her work materializes ideas of uncertainty, doubt and instability through a playful yet highly formal exploration of a material’s physical properties. Stand here is a sculptural installation, made from scaffolding polls in primary colours. Seen from different angles, the sculpture appears to change form, becoming a variety of geometric shapes. Merely by circling the work, the audience is forced to engage with the sculpture, as it changes and evolves before their eyes. It encourages an active viewing experience, playing with visual assumptions and evoking a physical and immediate reaction. Here, invisibility is present in the structure itself. The nature of the work’s construction allows for its own camouflage and concealment until viewed from the perfect angle. Installed at the entrance of Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, the work also symbolises the mission of the institution – to bridge children’s education and art. It invites children to engage with its visual and playful potential.