Title: The Lost Room at the National Museum
Date: 2007
Tags: ,,Internet Art, Participatory Art, Social Practice


Artwork Description: In the Lebanese National Museum, the history of Lebanon is pushed back to prehistoric times. It includes the Phoenicians, explores Roman times and various invading cultures. The narrative slowly builds up, and just when you expect to step into the room of modern history, you find yourself at the exit. The room, which is supposed to deal with modern Lebanese history, is simply not there. It might have been there before, there might have been relics or objects referring to the colonial times and independence, but they are not there now. What has happened to this room and these histories? If it is not in the National Museum, where are we to find modern Lebanese history? It would appear that given there is no national consensus, there is no modern history. Random citizens were interviewed and revealed their favorite place or sweetest memory of the city of Beirut. Divided into the categories 'romance', 'heroism', 'childhood', 'encounters' and 'escape' these public places were recorded, tagged in the city and put on display.

Description of Framework: