On the same wave length

Artist: 200 gr.
Type: Conceptual, Intervention, Site-specific
Medium: Installation,

On the same wave length (على نفس الموجة) stages two washing machines that have been collected from recycling, deprived from their counterweight, and placed on a stranded fisherman’s boat and above a cement block – creating and eerie and absurd situation

Biography: 200Grs. (Pascal Hachem & Rana Haddad) deals with notions of scale and genuineness in order to produce unique pieces serving a multitude of miscellaneous functions. Fitting into a larger discourse of thought that has been present in both of the creators work, 200Grs. showcases functional, candid and sober architectural items all while dealing with concepts of materiality, elasticity, tensions and balance. Accordingly, 200Grs. appropriates the ready-made, giving a different life to a very commonly used object.

Location: The Dalieh of Raouche
Duration: Temporary
Framework: Dalieh Watch Day