Artist: Nada Sehnaoui
Type: Conceptual, Intervention, Site-specific

Nada Sehnaoui intervenes by drowning the last page of Al-Akhbar newspaper under red paint. The only identifiable word is “kellon” that is repeated between the lines and refers to the popular manifestations of August 2015 ignited due to the garbage crisis in Lebanon. “All of them” is the only answer available to a country in deadlock because of its political elite summoned to resign.
All of them.
Without any exception.

© APEAL & Temporary Art Platform

Biography: Nada Sehnaoui (Lebanon) deals with issues of war, personal memory, public amnesia, the writing of history, and the construction of identity through paintings and public installations.

Location: Al Akhbar newspaper
Duration: Ephemeral
Framework: Works on Paper