I recall my father

Artist: Walid Sadek
Type: Conceptual, Intervention, Site-specific

Walid Sadek intervenes with an image of the thickness of Assafir’s newspaper – its cross-section. The sentence in Arabic reads ‘I recall my father reading daily newspapers every morning’. The work addresses a past generation that grew up reading daily newspapers and for whom that printed medium was a necessary component of the public sphere. Sadek also implicitly addresses his father – a prominent figure of this generation and a contributor to this sphere as a caricaturist.

Biography: Walid Sadek (Lebanon) is an artist and writer whose theoretical work has investigated the familial legacies of the Lebanese civil war, the complexity of lingering civil strife in times of relative social and economic stability, and more recently, the post-war society; disinclined to resume normative living.

Location: Assafir newspaper
Duration: Ephemeral
Framework: Works on Paper