Down the line

Artist: Ilaria Lupo
Date: 25/06/2016
Type: Conceptual, Intervention, Site-specific

Ilaria Lupo intervenes with an interview on the new capital of Lebanon. In spring 2015, Executive Magazine had published an article – an April’s fools joke – on this new global city to come, that was mediated by other papers. Maneuvering the stunt made by the magazine, she takes the concept to another degree of reality.


© APEAL & Temporary Art Platform

Biography: Ilaria Lupo (Italy) creates situations out of contextual frictions and aims to question the boundaries between the artwork (as 'representation') and its autonomy as a social interaction as it inserts itself within the gaps of official narratives, in dialogue with underlying energies and unspoken social tensions.

Location: L'Orient Le Jour newspaper
Duration: Ephemeral
Framework: Works on Paper