Beirut erects a monument…

Artist: Omar Fakhoury
Type: Conceptual, Intervention, Site-specific

Omar Fakhoury’s intervention in the “puff” of the Daily Star reads “Beirut erects a Monument paying Homage to Marika Spiridon” accompanied by a photo of Spiridon known to be a Greek legend from the 50’s who used to run a brothel on Moutanabi Street in Beirut. The puff refers to page 9 that is in fact missing in this edition of the newspaper. The reader looks vainly for an article that doesn’t exist, looking for a story related to a highly contested public space in Beirut.

Biography: Omar Fakhoury (Lebanon) primarily works with painting, although he also explores video installations and site-specific urban sculptures and interventions. His work focuses on Lebanon’s complex political and urban fabric.

Location: The Daily Star newspaper
Duration: Ephemeral
Framework: Works on Paper