Patricia Barakat
Stories of the Forest

“I met with many of the inhabitants of Miziara - those of all ages - and asked them to tell a story about Miziara’s forest: something that happened there, something they experienced or heard of. It didn’t matter to me if it’s a true story or a fiction. Legends are very interesting because they shape the collective unconscious and this is how society build common believes and social links, particularly between generations. I interviewed children, teenagers, adults and seniors. What interests me in this intergenerational dynamic is how the age affects the story. Kids who are in the age of discovery are always inventing stories while seniors talk after experience, distance and witnessing the change. As for the adults they will deliver their personal interpretation of the reality. All interviews were recorded in order to produce an audio piece, a sort of Memory of the Forest. This work is a collective testimony, a mosaic that shows multiple points of view on the same reality with different narrative styles to be transmitted to the new generation."