Nocturne for Pit Orchestra

Ilaria Lupo, in collaboration with Rabih Beaini.
With the participation of Hasan Hujairi
A sound performance for the Bahrain National Quarry - March 9, 2017

In 2014, Ilaria Lupo invited sound artist Joe Namy to create a site-specific soundtrack for a construction pit in Beirut - composing a collaborative piece with the laborers using their tools as instruments to perform live. The performance was titled “Concrete Sampling, arrangement for derbekah and jackhammer”. In its second edition - in collaboration with sound artist Rabih Beaini - the project has a wider perspective on the region and is especially conceived for The Bahrain National Quarry.

Nocturne for Pit Orchestra digs into dynamics of music-making in the frame of labor while aiming to explore the intermingled layers connecting the quarry’s identity with the socio-economic shifts in 20th century Bahrain and the Gulf Region.

Beaini engaged with the site laborers after contextual research and involved the group in a process where an array of influences were explored and combined. The final performance unfolds as a process navigating between dissonance and harmony. The composition is on and on dismembered and recomposed while the structure contains both conducting and improvisation.

The Silent Room //المسكن

Nathalie Harb

May 19-28, 2017 | Flower Market, El Nahr, Beirut
In the Framework of Beirut Design Week 2017

The Silent Room is a shed inserted in a dense urban public context accessible to the general public. The space can be experienced individually, for a time span of say a maximum of 30 minutes per person. Individuals are invited to use it not to perform or achieve anything, but just to be.

It is stripped bare of all unnecessary distractive elements. The interior is a cocoon-like environment where the visitor becomes aware of the limits of his body, and therefore of his entity, against a warm and protective envelope. It is isolated from outside noise, with yet one sound: the hum of the city at its quietest hours.

As our public spaces are subjugated to the tyranny of this all-encompassing noise, the following project advocates silence as a form of resistance.