Axel Meunier
Assisted by Birds, 2014

Sound installation
Location: Youth Club of Meziara

At the core of the project are a series of forest stories published, in Arabic, by a village writer. He visited the writer and listened to her recite the variouas stories. “I wanted to learn how to tell them too,” he says, “though I don’t speak Lebanese Arabic. I had two long sessions with the author and her husband and I recorded the whole process. I like it a lot because I fail, utterly, but it’s funny at the same time.” In addition to this recorded material, he says the installation will include birdsong from the forest, as well as snippets from a paper an ecologist delivered on the forest and sounds from one of the factories. “It’s amazing how these machines resonate in this space,” he says, “and the piece will have Arabic, English, French, Spanish [a snippet from Ariel Ramirez’s “Missa Creola”], so no one will understand all of it. But I just like the sounds of it, actually, more than the meanings. I’d like to work it as a musical piece, rather than simply, for its meaning.”