The Daily Star


Omar Fakhoury’s intervention in the "puff" of the Daily Star reads "Beirut erects a Monument paying Homage to Marika Spiridon" accompanied by a photo of Spiridon known to be a Greek legend from the 50's who used to run a brothel on Moutanabi Street in Beirut. The puff refers to page 9 that is in fact missing in this edition of the newspaper. The reader looks vainly for an article that doesn’t exist, looking for a story related to a highly contested public space in Beirut.


Annabel Daou's intervention falls in the framework of her ongoing project Fortune and is based on transcribed readings of anonymous palms of people who reacted to her open call in The Daily Star. The reading is structured around two questions: “where are you coming from?” and “where are you going to?” The work brings up questions around trust, intimacy, and the perception of the artist as someone who uses intuition to read the present moment and then deflects it back to the public.


Haig Aivazian intervenes with a drawing and a text taking as starting point a construction site on hold since 2004, at a stone’s throw from the Daily Star’s Headquarters in Downtown Beirut. The selection is a part of Ivy Usurps the Place of Laurels, a series exploring historical motifs and investigate archaeology and architecture as powerful tools that shape ideology, and that have constructed visions of the world from the very first formulations of our global imaginary. The works mainly focus on displacements of earth that occur in three kinds of constructions sites: sports stadia, luxury apartment buildings, and museums.