Andrea Garza
Series of workshops and drawings with fireworks, 2014

I decided to do a project combining both, a project where the kids can get together with kids from the village, have a good time and gain some environmental consciousness trough abstract drawing. One day when we can all forget about the latent social and environmental conflict of that specific site and do some performance art dust. A skipping rope competition was organized in the site with the help of Sabine Dina, a former skipping rope champion that lives in Meziara. The contest was divided in three stages: 1. All the kids jumped at the same time, stopping one by one. The winner was the one that jumped the longest. 2. The kids had 2 minutes to make the most jumps that they could. 3. Freestyle, the winner was the one with the craziest and more creative jumping moves. While jumping the kids were removing white dust revealing the black soil underneath, creating abstract drawings on the ground. Disposable cameras were handed to the kids to make a photographic register of their own drawings.